About Jeff Dewit

Jeff DeWit is a successful investment professional and has devoted over 21 years of his life to maximizing returns while minimizing risk in the financial markets, and being a prudent custodian of the funds that were entrusted in his care. His career has taught him that a strong work ethic, a focused vision, and the determination to succeed are traits he will bring with him to the Treasurer’s office.

The job of Treasurer should reside with a successful and proven leader from the business and financial community, and not a career politician. In a recent speech, Jeff summed it up best: “Our government needs a good dose of successful business leaders with conservative fiscal values to put us back on the path to prosperity.”

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We Did It!

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Please vote Jeff DeWit for State Treasurer today!

As the polls are open, and votes are cast, I want to take this last opportunity to ask you for your vote.  Running for office has been a very rewarding ...